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‘Fantasy and reality intertwine in this gorgeous debut . . . compelling story of conformity and rebellion.’ 

The Guardian Book of the Month

The story

Sorrel Fallowfield is good at being good. Her only ambition is to win her school’s Most Obedient Child Competition, follow all the rules, and bring a smile to her unhappy mum’s face. Until, that is, she discovers a mysterious, faded packet of Surprising Seeds. Soon she’s hearing voices, dealing with twitchy fingers, and experiencing strange, wild urges to plant the Seeds in some very unusual places.

What inspired Bloom?

Because it was the first book I ever wrote, I sometimes feel like Bloom was thirty years in the making. I poured my entire life into it – from how I felt about school, my love of nature, working in offices, motherhood, and my hopes and fears for my daughter and her generation. Some of my favourite books I read as a child definitely influenced Bloom, especially The Secret Garden, James and The Giant Peach, and Harriet the Spy, with their emphasis, respectively, on nature, mysterious substances that change the world, and what it feels like to become an outcast.

Reviews and awards

Best Books of 2019

The Guardian

“A cracking debut.” 

The Times Children’s Book of the Week

“Challenging authority is what Nicola Skinner’s delightful debut Bloom is about. Humorous, original and just the thing for ages 7+ in need of a fresh start.” 

New Statesman

Winner: Best Quality Fiction

North Somerset Teachers Book Awards

Winner: Best Children’s Audiobook

The Audiobook Awards (Germany)

2020 Longlist: Branford Boase Award

Branford Boase

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